Friday, May 29, 2009

Moving Day!

So the day has arrived! We are moving to our new house this weekend, and I have yet to set up my phone, internet and T.V. service. We are moving from a bigger city with a population of about 107,789 to a small town with a population of about 1,600. The new town only has 2 companies that provide these services in the area, Comcast and Embarq. We have found them to be VERY pricy compared to what we have now, AT&T and Dish Network, so for the time being these services are not on my to do list. We will use our cell phones for awhile to see how that goes and I will be going in to town to the library to use the internet. I think we may just have dish move our service to the new house. If any of you have any insight on this please comment below!

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Franni said...

Good luck with your move!