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Monday, March 30, 2009

Couponing Part 1

A few months ago I would have told you couponing was silly. I mean how is it worth it to buy a Sunday paper for 1.50, Take all the time to clip them, then use a couple of coupons to take my $115. weekly grocery bill down a whole $2.25 cents to 112.75, I couldn't figure out how that was worth it at all!! If this is what you think couponing is then keep reading....THIS IS NOT COUPONING!!!

Here is my story in a nut shell and then hopefully soon in part 2 I will tell you how to get started saving up to half of your grocery bill!!

It all started when I saw a few Mom's talking about how to save money at the grocery store on the news, here is one of them Money Saving Mom. This is how my whole couponing mind set changed completely. I started slowly and began to look at Walgreens. I thought "what you want me to buy stuff at Walgreens"?? That's the kind of store I only stepped into when it was an emergency or to get a script filled. But I began to understand the RR's (register rewards). I tried a couple transactions and it worked unbelievably well. Within a few weeks I had free or really cheap toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner and tons of other stuff. I was officially hooked!!

I kept reading online and researching and began to get 2 different Sunday papers and clipping all the coupons. ( My local paper and the Chicago tribune) I started shopping at Kroger, Meijer, and Walgreens . I still had to continue shopping for a few weeks to get things that weren't on sale that I needed.

I set myself a weekly budget and would try to use most of the budget to buy items that were on sale and I had a coupon for. It worked awesome. I was getting twice as many groceries for about half the money.

I also began to see my cupboards fill up. I never had much stock of anything before and my freezer was maybe a fourth full. Before I couldn't stay in budget only buying the things we needed for the week let alone stocking up on something else.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

After reading the Money Saving Mom's Challenge on eating from the pantry, I have decided to challenge myself to eat strictly from my pantry stash for 2 weeks!

If you’re anything like me, even on months that you practice menu planning, you end up with some extra food in your pantry. Maybe you were tired one night and whipped up something easy like breakfast for dinner, instead of roasting a chicken. Or maybe you had a last minute dinner invitation, and the rice dish you were going to make never happened.

Or perhaps you’re a bargain shopper. When you see diced tomatoes at a really good price, you stock up. The same with anything else.

Regardless of how you shop, at one time or another, you will likely find that you have a little of this and a little of that in your pantry, and you need a way to use it.

I will allow myself to buy fresh milk and produce, but everything else needs to come out of the pantry or freezer. There are two benefits to doing a pantry challenge every once in a while.

First, you save money. It’s nice to have a week every once in a while where you know your grocery bill will be minimal.

Second, it ensures that you aren’t wasting food. Food that is wasted is money that is wasted. It doesn’t matter how good a sale is. If you don’t use the item, it’s money wasted. By doing a pantry challenge every few months, you can make sure you’re using your food before it goes bad. Your pantry stock is continually rotated, and you aren’t wasting your food and money.

Walgreens Deals Week Of 3/29/09-04/04/09

Here are the best deals available at Walgreens this week.


Glade Soy Candles--priced at $5.99
Use $4/1 coupon (if you printed it while it was available here)
Stack with $2/1 coupon in the April EasySaver booklet
Free after coupons

Equal Sweetener--on sale 2 for $5
Use the $2.50/1 coupon from 1/4 inserts
Free after coupon

Reynolds Foil--on sale for $0.89 after in-ad coupon
Use $1/1 from 2/8 insert
Free after coupons

Printer Cartridge Refill--$7.50
Submit for $7.50 April Easysaver rebate #28
Free after rebate

Wal-Itin Allergy Relief 30-ct.--on sale for $6.99
Submit for $6.99 April Easysaver rebate #10
Free after rebate

SoyJoy Bars--on sale 2 for $1
Use B1G1 coupon from 2/22 SmartSource insert
$0.25 each after coupon

No Nonsense Pantyhose--on sale B1G1 Free (2 for $2.49)
Use $1/1 coupon from 3/29 inserts
$0.25 each after coupons

Vitamin Water--on sale 3 for $3 with in-ad coupon
Buy 6 and use the $1/2 Vitamin Water coupon from the April EasySaver booklet (should take off $3 total)
$0.50 each after coupons

Halls cough drops--on sale for $1.39 with in-ad coupon
Use $0.75 coupon here
$0.64 after coupons

Bayer tablets (24-36-ct.)-- on sale for $1.99
Use $1/1 coupon from the 3/22 SmartSource
$0.99 each after coupon

Schick Xtreme 3 Disposable razors (4 ct.)--priced at $7.49
Use the $2/1 coupon in the April EasySaver booklet
Stack with the $3/1 coupon from the 3/8 SmartSource
$2.49 after coupons


Buy 1 Edge Infused Energy Shaving Gel at $3.59, Get $3.59 Register Rewards
Free after Register Rewards

Buy 1 Skintimate Cream Shave at $2.99, Get $2.99 Register Rewards
Free after Register Rewards

Buy 1 100% Natural or True Shimmer Chapstick at $1.99, Get $1.99 Register Rewards
Free after Register Rewards

Buy 2 Quaker Life Cereals (on sale 2 for $5), Get $2 Register Rewards
Use 2 $1/1 coupons here
$0.50/box after coupons and Register Rewards

Buy 4 Diet Pepsi 12-packs (on sale 4 for $12), Get $3 Register Rewards

*Deal Idea*
Buy six 12-packs at $3 each
Use two B2G1 printable coupons
Spend $12 out of pocket
Get $3 Register Rewards back
$9 for six 12-packs ($1.50 each) after coupons and Register Rewards


Buy 1 One-A-Day Multi-Vitamin Drink Mix 2 ct. at $1.49

Get $1.49 April EasySaver Rebate (offer #1)
Free after rebate

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meijer Deals 3/22/09-3/28/09


Seedless Grapes $0.99/lb

Jumbo Cantaloupe $0.97

Pillsbury Grand Biscuits 4/$5
$0.50/3 ($1) SS 03/15/09
$0.92 each wyb 3 after coupon

Peter Pan Peanut Butter 3/$5
$0.50/1 ($1) HERE (prints twice)
$1/3 Meijer Coupon HERE (must buy 3)
Satisfaction guarantee (up to $5.40) if you don't enjoy product HERE
$0.67 each after coupon

Kellogg's Pop Tarts 4/$6
$1/2 RP 02/22/09
$1 each wyb 2 after coupon

Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides 5/$5
$0.60/2 RP 01/18/09
$0.70 each wyb 2 after coupon

Quaker Granola Bars 5/$10
$1/2 RP 03/08/09 & HERE
$1.50 each wyb 2 after coupon

Meijer Gallon Milk $1.97

Huggies Baby Wipes 2/$10
$5/1 Gentle Care HERE (if included)
FREE after coupon

Oral B Advantage Toothbrush 2/$4
$1/1 P&G 02/08/09
$1 each after coupon

Crest Pro-Health 2/$4
$1/1 P&G 03/15/09
$1 each after coupon

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Walgreens List 3/22/09-3/28/09

Reynolds 70 sq ft $2.79
$1 SS 2/8
= $1.79

Schick Quattro Razor $8.99
= $.99 (combine store and MFR coupon)

Stride Gum $.79 Wag Weekly ad coupon
$2.00/3 SS 3/22
=$.37 for 3

Colgate Toothpaste--on sale for $0.99
Use $0.75/1 coupon from 2/22 SmartSource insert
$0.24 after coupon

Campbell's Soups--$0.79 after in-ad coupon
Buy 2 and use $1/2 printable coupon
$0.29 each after coupons

Sambucol $10.99
Use $10
March Easy Saver
= $.99 ( if you purchase this there is also a $4 off coupon in the box, you could go back and have a $3.01 Money Maker!

There are lots more deals for this week this is just my list.

Glucerna MoneMaking Deal!

It looks like you can do some good work with Glucerna Cereal again. I matched a great deal at CVS a couple weeks back. If you have yet to print this coupon go Here for $5/1. Many stores have this cereal for cheaper than $5. Use your back button to print 2!
Money Saving Mom share that if you call 1-877-879-4857 you will also be mailed a $5/1 coupon. She also lets us know that if you buy two boxes of this cereal at Kroger stores, a $2.50 off your next purchase coupon is printing.
This deal can not only be a great donation (if you don't have diabeties) but a nice little MONEYMAKER!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meijer Deals of the Week 3/15/09

*Meijer sometimes has a “10 for $10” sale, and you get the 11th item free. If you purchase 11 of the items, it makes them .90; less than 11, they are $1.00.

Crest Toothpaste
Sale price .90*
-.50 RP 2-22-09 doubled
-1.00 3-1-09 or 3-15-09
Final price +.10

Betty Crocker Warm Delights
Sale price .90*
-.50 SS 2-8-09 doubled
Final price +.10

Coffee-mate Flavored Creamer
Sale price 1.50
- 1.50 printable
Final price free!

Aquafresh toothpaste
Sale price .90*
-.75 Printable
Final price .15

Zataran’s Rice Mix
Sale price B2G2F, prices starting @ 1.23
-.75/2 RP 2-8-09
Final price .24

Dannon Yogurt
Sale price .40
-.60/6 SS 2-1-09
Final price .30

Totino’s Pizza Rolls
Sale price .90*
-.40/2 SS, 1/11/09, 1/18/09, 1/25/09, 2/8/09 (doubled)
Final price .50

Betty Crocker Stickerz
Sale price 1.67
-.50 SS 2-1-09 doubled
Final price .67

Michelina’s or Lean Gourmet Entrees
Sale price .90*
-1.00/5 Meijer Meal Box
Final price .70

Fiber One Toaster Pastry
Sale price 2.00
-.50 SS 2-22-09
Final price 1.00

General Mills Frosted Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, or Yogurt Burst Cheerios
Sale price 2.00
-.50 SS 2-8-09 doubled
Final price 1.00

Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll-ups or Gushers
Sale price 1.67
-.50/2 SS 2-8-09 or 3-8-09 doubled
Final price 1.17

Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough
Sale price 2.00
-1.00 printable
Final price 1.00

Prego Pasta Sauce
Sale price 1.67
-1.00/2 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 1.17

Clorox liquid bleach
Sale price 1.67
-1.00/2 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 1.17

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
Sale price 1.88
-.35 SS 2-8-09 doubled
Final price 1.18

Clorox Wipes
Sale price 2.50
-B2G1F printable
-1.00/2 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 1.33

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
Sale price 2.50
-1.00 printable
Final price 1.50

Formula 409
Sale price 2.50
-1.00 RP 3-1-09
Final price 1.50

El Monterey burritos, chimichangas, taquitos, or quesadillas
Sale price 2.50
-1.00 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 1.50

Smart Ones
Sale price 2.00
-1.00/2 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 1.50

Palmolive liquid dish soap
Sale price 2.00
-1.00/3 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 1.67

Planters nuts
Sale price 2.19
-1.00/2 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 1.69

Clorox Sanitizing Spray
Sale price 2.50
-.75 RP 1-25-09
Final price 1.75

Oust air sanitizer
Sale price 3.49
-BOGO SS 2-8-09
Final price 1.75

Kellogg’s cereal
Sale price 2.50
-.70 RP 2-22-09
Final price 1.80

Nabisco Teddy Grahams
Sale price 2.50
-1.00/2 SS 3-1-09
Final price 2.00

Finish Quantum powerball tabs
Sale price 3.00
-1.00 SS 3-15-09
Final price 2.00

Windex glass or multi-purpose cleaner
Sale price 2.50
-1.00/2 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 2.00

Finish/ Jet Dry rinse agent or dishwasher cleaner
Sale price 3.00
-.40 SS 3-15-09 doubled
Final price 2.20

Pledge multi surface
Sale price 3.49
-1.25 SS 2-22-09
Final price 2.24

TIlex, Clorox Clean-up, Disinfecting cleaner or Pine-sol pourable
Sale price 3.00
-1.00/2 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 2.50

Freshetta frozen pizza
Sale price 3.99
-1.00 SS 3-1-09
Final price 2.99

Glade Plug-ins scented oil refill twin pack
Sale price 3.99
-1.00 SS 3-15-09
Final price 2.99
*Get a warmer for free wyb the refills w/ the coupon from SS 3-15-09 or 2-8-09

Jimmy Dean breakfast skillet
Sale price 4.00
-1.00 RP 1-18-09 or 2-22-09
Final price 3.00

Powerade, 8- 20oz bottles
Sale price 3.99
-1.00/2 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 3.49

Tyson Family Pack Chicken, 18-25.5 oz
Sale price 6.99
-1.00 Meijer Meal Box
Final price 5.99

There are also lots of Lysol product deals this week, the are half price and there were lots of coupons in the paper this past Sunday for the products.

Have some Meijer deals to share? Post a comment or a link below!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kroger trip 3/13/09 $30.12

Here is what I got from Kroger yesterday. Now I do not shop at Kroger often as their produce is not real great at our Kroger and it's on the opposite side of town as us, so I will make my other grocery trip on Monday and hopefully stay within about $30 for my meats and produce.

I spent $30.12 on all of this and yes I got some things that were not on my list to get, which is what normally happens when I take kids with me. So here is the breakdown......

4 1/2 gallons of milk Regular price 1.39 Sale .88 so I paid $3.52
1 package Armour Meatballs Regular price $3.19 On sale 2.49 coupon doubled $1 I paid 1.49
1 package of Armour Meatballs price $3.19 On sale 2.49 coupon For Free Pasta I paid $2.49
1 Freschetta Piza Regular price $6.40 On sale for $4.49 $1 Coupon I paid $3.49
1 Box Gorton's Fish Fillets Regular price $6.49 on sale for $2.99 coupon doubled to$.80 I paid $2.19
1 4 pack Activia Drinkables Reg. price $4.49 On sale $2.49 $1 off coupon I paid $1.49
2 tubs of Country Crock Butter, Regular price $2.29 On sale for $1.49 Coupon doubled to $1 I paid$1.98 for 2
3 packs Quaker rice cakes Regular price $1.99 On sale .99 $2.97 for 3
1 Box Fruit loops On sale $1.99
1 Kroger Grape Jelly $1.35
1 Cremette Pasta FREE w/meatball coupon!
Tylenol ES $1 with coupon
Pace Salsa $2.69 w/$1 off coupon
Kroger Pasta Sauce $1.23 on sale
Eggo Waffles $1.99 on sale
Nestlle Push pops $3.34 on sale

Kroger is having a $5 off your total with certain items so I got $5 off with that.

Coupon Savings $12.35
Kroger Sale Savings 22.49
Total Sacings of $34.84

The more coupons I get the better I hope to get at this!

Friday, March 13, 2009

30 % Off GAP Friends and Family Event

For four days only enjoy This friends and family coupon. You get 30% off at Gap, Gap Outlets, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory Stores and Old Navy. The coupon is good from March 12 - March 15.
Get 30% off during our Friends & Family event. We're calling it Give & Get because for every purchase you make, we give 5% of the amount you spend to our nonprofit partners; and in thanks, you get a 30% discount on your total purchase.

Free Pair of Undies!

Get a free pair of undies ($7.50 value) from Aerie (American Eagle.) You can print the coupon Here. Offer expires 3/18/09.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

JcPenny $10/$10 Promo Code

Use promo code BUDDING to get $10 off a $10 purchase at JCPenney.com. You can get an additional $5 off by signing up for the Reward program (bottom left of the page.) Don't forget your source code - 3008.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get a FREE Roast Burger from Arby's

This is one that my hubby found, someone at work gave him the coupons so now I am letting you know where to find them!
Arby's is offering a coupon for their new Roast Burger. You can choose from three different sliced-beef sandwiches - All-American, Bacon and Bleu Cheese or Bacon and Cheddar. Click here to print a coupon for a Free Arby's Roastburger with purchase of any soft drink.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Coupon Holder

This is my preferred way of holding my coupons, just a simple 3 ring binder with football card pages inserted (don't tell my boys they will wonder where I got the pages from :) For me this is the easiest way to find my coupons. I put them in the order they are usually found in my grocery store, that way once I go down the isles I can just keep flipping the pages and not have to go back and forth. I know for some people this way is too time consuming, but for me I do not like to thumb through coupon after coupon that I can't see to find the ones I need, it also makes it much easier for me to pull out the expired ones! I have sparate pages in the back for Walgreens and CVS and then on the very last page I keep all my resturant coupons.

I have used the plastic walet size holders and while some people love this way, it to me is a pain in the behind. I am always dropping coupons and having to stop to sort through them. When in the store with kids I like to chosse what is easier while I am in the store, it does take a little more time to sort them before going to the store.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My First Walgreens Couponing Savings!

After much research, I decided to jump in and get my feet wet at Walgreens! Here is what I got....

1. 7 bottles of Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner and a Hairspray. Regular Price $27.93 I paid $6.93 Savings of $21! ESC of $2 off per bottle. ( some cashier's will only allow you one bottle, mine however didn't care)

2. 1 box of Sambucol Cold 7 Flu Regular Price $10.99 ESC of $10 and $4 MFR $3.01 MM (Money Maker)

3. Glade Sense & Spray on sale for $7.99 $4 ESC I paid $3.99 These are regularly $9.99

4. GladeLasting Impression Fan Powered fragrance on sale for $7.99 $4 ESC I paid $3.99 These are regularly $9.99

5. Advil Pm Sale for $4.49 $3.00 MFR and $2 RR $.51 MM

6. Right Guard Deoderant Sale for $2.99 MFG $.55 Plus $2 RR I paid $.44

7. Tuf Paper Towels Reg. $.89 IVC $.59 Savings of $.60 on 2

Grand Total $6.08 after RR's OOP $8.80 Savigns of $68.16!

I am still trying to figure out CVS, and will continue to post my savings!