Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kroger trip 3/13/09 $30.12

Here is what I got from Kroger yesterday. Now I do not shop at Kroger often as their produce is not real great at our Kroger and it's on the opposite side of town as us, so I will make my other grocery trip on Monday and hopefully stay within about $30 for my meats and produce.

I spent $30.12 on all of this and yes I got some things that were not on my list to get, which is what normally happens when I take kids with me. So here is the breakdown......

4 1/2 gallons of milk Regular price 1.39 Sale .88 so I paid $3.52
1 package Armour Meatballs Regular price $3.19 On sale 2.49 coupon doubled $1 I paid 1.49
1 package of Armour Meatballs price $3.19 On sale 2.49 coupon For Free Pasta I paid $2.49
1 Freschetta Piza Regular price $6.40 On sale for $4.49 $1 Coupon I paid $3.49
1 Box Gorton's Fish Fillets Regular price $6.49 on sale for $2.99 coupon doubled to$.80 I paid $2.19
1 4 pack Activia Drinkables Reg. price $4.49 On sale $2.49 $1 off coupon I paid $1.49
2 tubs of Country Crock Butter, Regular price $2.29 On sale for $1.49 Coupon doubled to $1 I paid$1.98 for 2
3 packs Quaker rice cakes Regular price $1.99 On sale .99 $2.97 for 3
1 Box Fruit loops On sale $1.99
1 Kroger Grape Jelly $1.35
1 Cremette Pasta FREE w/meatball coupon!
Tylenol ES $1 with coupon
Pace Salsa $2.69 w/$1 off coupon
Kroger Pasta Sauce $1.23 on sale
Eggo Waffles $1.99 on sale
Nestlle Push pops $3.34 on sale

Kroger is having a $5 off your total with certain items so I got $5 off with that.

Coupon Savings $12.35
Kroger Sale Savings 22.49
Total Sacings of $34.84

The more coupons I get the better I hope to get at this!

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