Monday, March 9, 2009

My First Walgreens Couponing Savings!

After much research, I decided to jump in and get my feet wet at Walgreens! Here is what I got....

1. 7 bottles of Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner and a Hairspray. Regular Price $27.93 I paid $6.93 Savings of $21! ESC of $2 off per bottle. ( some cashier's will only allow you one bottle, mine however didn't care)

2. 1 box of Sambucol Cold 7 Flu Regular Price $10.99 ESC of $10 and $4 MFR $3.01 MM (Money Maker)

3. Glade Sense & Spray on sale for $7.99 $4 ESC I paid $3.99 These are regularly $9.99

4. GladeLasting Impression Fan Powered fragrance on sale for $7.99 $4 ESC I paid $3.99 These are regularly $9.99

5. Advil Pm Sale for $4.49 $3.00 MFR and $2 RR $.51 MM

6. Right Guard Deoderant Sale for $2.99 MFG $.55 Plus $2 RR I paid $.44

7. Tuf Paper Towels Reg. $.89 IVC $.59 Savings of $.60 on 2

Grand Total $6.08 after RR's OOP $8.80 Savigns of $68.16!

I am still trying to figure out CVS, and will continue to post my savings!


Winklepots said...

What do all of the acronyms stand for? Wow, you saved a lot of money. I'm a coupon clipper too, but I don't think I've ever done that good!

Erica said...

I will post what they all stand for as I know it has taken me some time to figure them out too!